Hey guys. I have not done a wiki for a Godzilla in a while. I just wasn't prepared.

Next I will be doing Gojira'72 Godzilla vs. Gigan.

                  This summer I'll be going to G-Fest XX. I read a e-mail my dad got on It said for G-Fest 20th, Shizuo Nakajima's "lost project" on photos and even a short minute film on The Colossal Wolfman vs. Godzilla!

I hope some of you guys are going. Hope to see you there. I can't wait for the dealer's room!!

I am just letting you know that I am going to have a Art Contest on my wiki. If you win, I'll let you put on your on wiki on mine if its possible. Just post up a picture on this page or a blank one, but tell me if you have a wiki first, and i'll vote on who had the best drawings.

ALSO  I will be doing 1st 2nd and 3rd place.   1 is for the best, 2nd is for the most designed, and 3rd is for trying your hardest and best.

So know ya know the 2013 up-dates. Write to you again 6/6/13



After G-Fest, I will do an up-date on my new figures. Later bros.