Movie- Son of Godzilla (ゴジラの息子Gojiranomusuko)  
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Son of Godzilla '1967' poster


Fight- Kamacarus, Kumonga

Weapons- Atomic Breath, flip over shoulder

Godzilla 1967 is voted one of the oddest looking designs.


A radioactive storm occurs on an island called, Sogel Island, and forms an egg, and creates small spiders and mantis to giant kaiju. When the egg is discovered by a tribe of Kamacarus (or in a group, Kamacari) crack the egg open, hatching a small Godzilla named, Minya, or Minilla. Godzilla comes to rescue his son, and destroys 3 Kamacari out of 4. One of them fly away, only leaving Godzilla and Minya to travel on. Kumonga, a giant spider, attacks Minya when he strolls around Sogel. Kumonga uses his silky webbing spray to wrap up Minya for later as a snack. Kumonga next catches the last Kamacarus in midair. He uses his poison stinger to kill Kamacaurus. Godzilla comes to the rescue by unwrapping Minya and fights agans the gigantic spider. Kumonga shoots his stinger in Godzilla's eye and makes his left eye blind. It starts to snow, while Kumonga litterrally stand up and tackles Godzilla to the ground! Godzilla and Minya use their flames to burn Kumonga to death. Godzilla and Minya hold eachother to hibernate when it was snowing. Thats when Sogel island was dubbed,"Monster Island."





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