Movie- Invasion of Astro-Monster (アストロモンスターの侵略Asutoromonsutā no shinryaku)

Fight- King Ghidorah

Weapons- Jumping,Atomic Breath                                                                                                

A partly, or shortly modified 1964 Godzilla suit.


An alien race called, the X aliens, or known as Xaliens (all together), who lie to the earthlings and say that they want to "borrow", Godzilla and Rodan to "help" them get rid of "King Ghidorah". When captured, they start to fight in outerspace. Driving Ghidorah away, Godzilla and Rodan return back to Earth, and are controlled to attack Tokyo. As Mazer Cannons, army tanks, and many other weapons are used, a strong eletricuting cannon was used to knock the daikaiju out. Ghidorah soon rampages, and the same thing is happened to him. All 3 heads got tangled around eachother, and fell to the ground. Waking up, and realizing what just happened, they start to rampage. Rodan grabs Godzilla by the back of the head, and throws him on Ghidorah, and Rodan tackles along with them. They tackled eachother down a slope, and fell intothe ocean. Only Ghidorah came up.

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Outerspace fight scene being set with Eiji Tsubaraya