Godzilla 1955

Movie- Godzilla Raids Again (再びゴジラ襲撃 Futatabi Gojira shūgeki)

Fight- Anguirus

Weapons- Strong Jaws, Radioactive Breath

In this film, Godzilla has Anguirus's roar for no known reason. This suit is known as the buck toothed Gojira.


When a bomb explodes, two monsters awaken. These two kaiju are: Godzilla (now known as Gigantis for an unknown reason) and Anguirus. The two Monsters are first seen fighting in ice, falling in to the ocean, grapling eachother. They next are spotted in Osaka fighting. When the army drops down bombs, the two run away. They next come back biting eachother! Tokyo starts to shoot again. They should know by know that tiny weapons don't hurt monsters! 3 jail breakers run free during the fight. Anguirus and Godzilla start to fight violent, causing a tsunami, drowning the 3 jail breakers. Godzilla soon gets Anguirus in the water, drowning him and biting into his neck, and killing him. Godzilla goes into ice after killing the other kaiju. The army shoots at the ice, causing it to avalanch on Godzilla, burying him for hibrnation, or is he already killed?  

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