Godzilla vs army

Movie- Gojira  (ゴジラ, Gojira)

Fight- None

Weapons- Radioactive Breath

Godzilla 1954 was the first design of Godzilla.


On Sogel Island, an island close to the Marshall Lands in the Pacific Ocean of Tokyo, during World War II, the Hiroshima Bomb was dropped in 1948. After being mutated from the Godzillasaurus, Godzilla came to Tokyo for revenge. He was first spotted behind a mountain, attacking travlers as they got to the top. When Godzilla got to tokyo,he killed many people,including hospitals,stores,and many others. Using his fire breath, the city of Tokyo was in high flames. Dr.Serizowa, a famous proffesser, created the Oxygen Destroyer, to defeat Godzilla. Serizowa tried it out first on fish. The Oxygen Destroyer takes oxygen away, including the skin, and bones in the body. Soon after, American reporter Steve Martin, was on the news, telling Tokyo to evacuate. Godzilla went back to sea, along with Serizowa on  boat with other people, him and his friend went under water with the Oxygen Bomb to kill Godzilla. Serizowa comitted suicide by cutting the rope under water, and let himself die along with Godzilla. Godzilla came to surface one last time before he fell underwater to disinigrate, and die.

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